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The short brief of my life...
   I was born in Daghestan in 1978, which, according to most people, was warm and tender.Unfortunately, I cannot remember that time, but I can recall most of the years
in my live still.

   The games I played,the song I sang, the things I did sometimes come to me in my dreams.Yes, I love the time when I was a child. Everything was so asimple, playground and toys, meal and bed, life was just beautiful. But time flies quickly, and one day I
starting thinking of who I was and why I came to this world? These questions made
me think of some things and solve certain problems in my life School. I hate this word
It does not mean that I don't like to read, learn or discover, I just hate this word. But
I finished it, lycee and even study the university.

   Everybody writes their hobbies and I will write this item too.I like to listen and play
music,to watch and draw paintings,to create and destroy beauty (mostly create).

   This part is not finished yet,about me nothing is known still...






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